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I empower ordinary folks approaching retirement to create a sustainable online income stream so that they can build their retirement savings. With my proven method and innovative social media strategies, you can achieve financial security without requiring technical skills or any prior online expertise

My name is Robert J. Korson, my business name is InVision 1 Enterprises LLC ✧ Alachua County, Florida. Unknowingly, my entrepreneurial journey began at a young age. Seven, to be exact! I was creating and selling personalized wooden signs for horse owners to display on their stall doors. My mother was my first employee, helping me take orders and driving me to deliver them. To this day, I still design and sell custom signs, but in a more modern style! Also to note, My Mother resides with me as I am a Full time Caregiver for her, having dementia. In Heart, She is Always here for my support.

My skill sets include Professional Photography, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Web Development/Design, Drinkware and Epoxy Products, and Automotive and Truck Repair. All leading me to the Digital Marketing World... In addition to My Artillery, I started Laser Engraving this year!
"Fun Fun"

In 2020 (Covid Era), I started investigating ways to make money online and discovered various marketing jobs… Learning about Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing became interesting to Me…

So I've tried a few High-Ticket programs, set up my business system, promoted on Social Media, collected Email Addresses, and made some sales. Over the previous few years, I've designed and assisted in the development of Training Programs, Sales Funnels, Auto Responders and CRMs, Branding, and Graphic Design. I have acquired certifications with Systeme IO, Groove, and Click Funnels… I provide Digital Tech Support, helping others to get their businesses up and running, fixing issues, branding for businesses, funnels, and websites

Regarding my current destination... I couldn't have had it any better. As previously indicated, I worked on Hi-Ticket programs for a commission. I continued to look for ways to enhance my talents online in the hopes of finding a business that would work for me around the clock. That's when I discovered this blueprint. I saw 100% earnings within days after implementation and continued to grow daily. All I did was follow the blueprint instruction step by step and apply what I was learning.

I share this with you because if you are Serious about making Income from your cell phone or laptop…

You have found the Answer.

As long as you are coachable and willing to work 2-3 hours every day, you can begin earning a daily income. Consider what an extra $300 per day might mean for you and your family. Even $300 per week helps most folks. While each individual is unique... And so are their outcomes... You may start with a boom or a slow start. Following the daily plan can benefit anyone, regardless of ability level.

You are the only thing standing in your way of receiving daily cash. I believe in you, and I am proof that this works.

about InVision 1 Enterprises LLC

InVision 1 Enterprises LLC
(IV1E) is a Digital Marketing Company located in Alachua County, Florida.
Affiliate Marketing is one of our newest business models coming on board as a Limited Liability Company in 2021. We are Affiliates/Associates for many well-known companies, including Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart.

Our newest Business partner, Passive Income Blueprints, has an All-New Training Program that provides In-Depth Research on Building an Online Business, Accountability Program, Multiple Weekly Masterminds, and 6-Figure Coaches. Making High Ticket Commissions, 24/7 Live Chat, and Much More. To discover more about the Training Program and how to get started right now, Click Here.

Furthermore, we have increased our services and now offer Technical Support and Guidance to Beginners, assisting them in getting their Online Tools and Programs up and running.

In addition to our New Services, We continue to provide our existing Services in Action Sports Photography, WebSite Development, Digital Design and Graphics, Photo Manipulation, Custom Sign Printing, Custom Printed Drinkware, Vinyl Graphics, and a variety of other Services. For More information, please see our Design Section ... If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]